Tracks, tracks, tracks! You keep hearing about them, but maybe you don’t really know what they are. Let us explain! Tracks are different themes that your project can be categorized under.

They will be divided among the sponsors, who will also provide the prizes and support for their specific track. Your project can be eligible to receive awards for one or more tracks, depending on the technologies they use.

Pretty exciting, right?

Who can attend?

  • Students from all over the world
  • Coding newbies or programming experts
  • Challenge seekers
  • Someone eager to be better
  • Looking for the perfect mentor

Civic Tracks

This is not your ordinary hackathon!

UniHack encourages you to identify a civic issue in our society and find a solution for it. And if you need guidance in your quest to make other people's life easier, we have good news for you! There will be mentors available who can help you better understand the problem you want to solve and steer your solution in the right direction.