Coralia Bodea
Python Developer @3Pillar Global

Part Python Developer, part Graphic Designer, with a history of participating in all kinds of contests.

Python, UX/UI

Adina Țeudan
Web Developer @ DevPlant

Frontend developer with a passion for creating pixel perfect web interfaces. Experience with a wide range of technologies: Angular, Node.js, Python, React Native, Ionic and others. Volunteer, cat lover and hackathon enthusiast - although usually as a participant or organizer :)

Web Development

Denis Troncotă

C#, Typescript, Linux

Cristian Vîjdea
Malware researcher & Software engineer @ Bitdefender

Python, Rust, C++, Android, backend stuff

Simona Rădulea

I’m a Software Engineer working on developing mobile applications with React Native. I have a keen interest in UI/UX design and creating visually appealing interfaces. Also, I am experienced in building APIs, mostly using .NET.

React Native, .NET, SQL, UI/UX

Dan Percic
Technical Lead @ GDSC UPT

I love developing applications using Angular, .NET or Django and I'm really interested about Swift.

Web Development

Andy Molin

I was born in Timișoara, Romania in 1996. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in 2019 and my Master’s Degree in Software Engineering in 2021 at the “Politehnica” University Timișoara (Romania). Since 2021, I am a Ph.D. student in Software Engineering, Field of Doctoral Studies: Computer and Information Technology.

Since 2019, I am a teaching assistant at the “Politehnica” University Timișoara (Romania), teaching laboratories about software engineering, object-oriented programming, artificial intelligence fundamentals, modeling and simulation, design patterns, testing.


Radu Motisan
CEO @ uRADMonitor

Although trained as a software engineer with a master's degree in Computer Science, Radu saw the potential of new digital technologies and using his passion for electronics, physics and chemistry, he translated them into a domestic hardware product, in a very short time. This is how uRADMonitor was created, the first global environmental monitoring network, deployed at global scale. Radu was involved in all key stages of development from PCB design, prototyping, soldering, development of firmware, server software, security, large database architecture, server backend and interface with the user. Some of these steps have been detailed online, on the personal blog. On the entrepreneurship side, Radu identified multiple challenges related to launching a business on an extremely dynamic market, where he identified innovative elements to increase capital and continue the development of the product.

IOT, electronics, sensors, hardware manufacturing, crowdfunding, global market

Mihai-Adrian Militaru

Data and Machine Learning Engineer, passionate about mobile applications and bioinformatics.

Eduard Onetiu
Mobile Developer @ Cobalt Sign

Hello, I'm Eduard, a software engineer who has a keen interest in mobile development, currently working towards my master’s degree in Software Engineering. I enjoy learning new things and I am always searching for new challenges. I always enjoyed programming and computer-related things, but I've been the most passionate about the mobile field so far.

Mobile - React Native

Horia Radu
Engineering Manager @ [e-spres-oh]

Engineering Manager with 10+ years of experience in Web Development.

I've led teams from a wide range of roles: from Technical Lead, to Business Analyst or Delivery Lead. I love to help my teammates grow and become great engineers.

I enjoy technical challenges, being involved in shaping the architecture of various products in order to best fit the needs. While I am most comfortable in Ruby on Rails and React (with Typescript / Javascript), I often found myself working various other technologies and embraced the opportunity (Angular, NodeJS, Java, Blockchain).

Ruby on Rails, React, Javascript, Typescript

Andrei Laza
Technical manager @ Victory Square Partners
Marius Cristea
Front-end Developer @ Irian

Developer, consultant and trainer involved in building enterprise front-ends. The stack that I use is based on Angular (usually latest version) with redux (ngrx). I have a huge passion for the web and the JavaScript ecosystem.

Front-end, JavaScript, Angular, Security

Raluca Cărare
Member @ Liga AC

Full stack web developer passionate about community involvement, activism and volunteering 🧚🏻‍♀️

Web and mobile development (ReactJS, NodeJS, React Native, SQL and NoSQL databases etc)

Radu Ticiu
@ Growceanu Angel Investment & BioCoderDojo Timisoara

Experienced professional with a demonstrated history of community development and tech entrepreneurship support infrastructure operation in the information technology and services industry.
Startup advisor. Growceanu Angel Investment co-founder. Passionate creator and facilitator of STEM non-formal education contexts in coding, biotech, space-tech, etc.
Connector and cyclist.

ehealth/medtech, edutech, etc

Arnold Ispan
Back-end Developer @ e-spres-oh

Software Engineer with 18+ years of experience specialized on backend technilogies, database design, backend architecture.

Backend, Infrastructure

Ovidiu Chișe
Open Governance Departament Manager @ Timișoara Town Hall

Experience in Corporations and Entrepreneurship, multiple fields, like: FMCG, Energy, Agriculture, Climate Care, Radio Equipments.

Economics, and tech only generic

Andrei Munteanu
CEO @ Cowork Timisoara

Tech-savvy traveler, Techstars Startup Weekend Global Facilitator, and running all over the place. Co-founder & CEO at Coworking Timisoara, Startup Survivor true believer, always on the lookout for a good espresso. Open to discussions on startups, tech & motorcycles.

Building digital products

Daniela Matesan
@ OncoGen Timișoara Association

30 years of experiece in entrepreneurship.


Daniel Vrăjescu
President @ Liga AC

Most of my time is dedicated to helping and developing Liga AC. Making projects are my favourite part about volunteering because they make you feel that you can bring back something to the community.

Project management

Virgil Păunescu
prof.dr @ OncoGen Timișoara Association

University Teacher.


Ștefania Sântimbrean
Software Engineer

JavaScript lover with a touch of TypeScript sometimes. Full stack developer usually, but more of a data modelling and backend services kind of girl. Node.js is my main area of expertise.

JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, SQL, MongoDB, NestJS, Angular, SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, SAPUI5, SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Business Technology Platform, authentication, Postman, Backend testing

Laurențiu Molnar

Fullstack engineer working with web technologies.

TypeScript/JavaScript, Node.js, React/Next.js, AWS

Stoica Denis
Mobile and Web Developer @ TakeOffLabs

Bachelor's degree at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, currently a master's student. I work with technologies such as Ruby on Rails, ReactJS and Flutter.

WEB + Mobile Development

Andrei Rezban
Back-end Developer @ TakeOffLabs

Been working as a web programmer for 3 years now. Mainly a Ruby On Rails back-end programmer, but I also worked on frontend with React, React Native, Java and Kotlin. Always trying to see the bigger picture so that I can come with a good solution for all the features I work on. When I'm not working, I like to (actually have to) catch up with my overflowing bookshelves.

Andrei-Alexandru Craiu
Full Stack Web Developer @ Take Off Labs

I am Andrei Craiu and I work at Take Off Labs for almost 4 years as a full stack web developer.

Full stack web developer

Mihai-Alexandru Mătrăgună
Software Development Engineer @ Amazon

🚀 Full-time dreamer | 💻 Part-time software engineer.

Kotlin, Java, PHP, AWS Cloud

Radu-Cătălin Șeitan
Software Developer @ NetRom Software

Hi! My name is Radu and I am a Software Developer at NetRom Software. Over the course of my career, I have worked with a wide range of technologies, my main area of expertise being Full-Stack Web Development. I am also very passionate about Software Engineering and Systems Design, always looking to broaden my knowledge. In my opinion, the best way to learn something new is by helping others understand it as well. As a student, I like to be involved in many aspects of the academic life, advocating for my colleagues’ rights as the students’ representative in the faculty council. As far as my contest experience is concerned, I think that my greatest achievement is being awarded two Honorable Mentions in the ACM ICPC Southeastern Europe Regional Contest.

React.js, ASP.NET Core, Node.js, Nest.js, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Docker

Claudiu Belu
Senior Cloud Engineer @ Cloudbase Solutions

Senior Cloud Engineer at Cloudbase Solutions, worked on OpenStack, Kubernetes, containerd and other related projects. Peak Python Enjoyer.

Python, golang, Hyper-V, OpenStack, Kubernetes, docker, containerd, Juju Charms, git, github workflows

Andrei-Ciprian Amzuloiu
Software Development Engineer @ Amazon Ring

I am a Software Engineer with a history of working on various development projects. Previously I worked in the cloud, telecom, and automotive fields, and got in touch with a large variety of technologies and tools. (AWS, Python, C++, C, shell scripting, etc.)
Currently I am interested in the cloud field for which I am also certified as an AWS Solution Architect.

I'm looking forward to meeting you at UniHack! :)

Andrei Pat
Software Development Manager @ Amazon

Experienced tech leader, has wandered many times over the peak of Mt. Dunning-Kruger. Often sails uncharted waters, doesn't know the meaning of "can't be done".

Ask me anything

Alexandru Gaiță

Still a student that did a few projects and now is a full stack web developer with focus on backend.


Ștefan Cosmescu
Mobile App Developer @ Cobalt Sign

I like to develop cross platform apps using Flutter.
I also enjoy .NET, it's pretty fun. Not as fun as Flutter though ;)

Mobile Dev

Sergiu Apostu
Software Engineer Manager @ TakeOffLabs

Tech enthusiast, human debugger, fluent in web development.

Software Development

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