Timo Bejan
CTO @ DevPlant

Fixing bad code since 2007. All things web & cloud.

Adrian Meresescu
Technical Lead @ Doctari Group

I am a proactive and achievement-focused expert, guided by a deep enthusiasm for harnessing technology to inspire innovation and advance digitization on a global scale.

With a strong educational background in computer science and a rich 15-year history in the IT industry, I've cultivated a profound specialization in crafting web platforms, services, and sites using a variety of programming languages. As a technical leader, I offer guidance and mentorship to my team.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy hobbies such as gaming, outdoor activities, and spending quality time with my dogs.

Daniel Iercan
Software Architect @ The Access Group

I have been working in software development for over 18 years. I am also teaching at UPT. I am passionate about building high quality software systems. I’ve worked mainly with dotnet stack, React and Azure.

Oana Dohangie
Engineering Manager @ The Access Group

I have a BSc in Systems Engineering and an MSc in Engineering with Business Management. I started my career as a Software Engineer and gradually moved into leadership roles. I have been working in the health and social care domain for 4 years. In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, travelling and skiing.

Marco Blagoiev
Engineering Manager @ Cobalt Sign

Computer Science graduate, developing apps @ Cobalt Sign for the last 8 years, focusing on cross-platform technologies.

Arthur Csertus
Co-Founder & CEO at Cobalt Sign @ Cobalt Sign

As Co-Founder & CEO of Cobalt Sign, an award-winning mobile app development company focused on building innovative mobile applications, I leverage my experience as a software engineer to help define, design and develop exceptional digital software products for companies throughout Europe and the US. Being passionate about participating in great events, discovering new cultures, and traveling the globe, I am also leading a team of skilled developers and designers in creating a successful travel companion known as “Ready Set Holiday!”. Built by travelers for travelers, this unique and stylish app has already reached over 2 million people and has helped to plan, organize and create an even more memorable travel experience.

Calin Fantaneanu
Architect @ The Access Group

Long time working with Microsoft technologies. Working with .NET core, Sql server, React, Azure. Hobbies: travel

Emil Voisan
Enterprise Architect @ The Access Group

I've been involved in software development for quite some time. Currently, all my focus is put into designing, building and integrating systems delivering patient care from hospital context to domiciliary/home rehabilitation. Thinking to hobbies, the long standing one is Science Fiction, both in watching movies and reading books.

Healthcare Revolution

Andrei Ivanovici
Front-End Architect @ The Access Group

I love technology for as long as I can remember. I enjoy travelling and taking lots of photos.

Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila
Assoc prof with PhD made in Sophia Antipolis Nice France

I teach programming languages, compiling techniques and data structures to students.



Florina Bojin
Senior Researcher @ Clinical County Hospital "Pius Brînzeu" Timișoara - OncoGen, Assoc. Prof., MD, PhD

Current research fields: Immunotherapies - Generation of NK cells with chimeric antigen receptors (CAR), which can be used in anti-tumor immunotherapies (CAR-NK project); Precision diagnostic in cancer - Methods for identification of genetic mutation using next generation sequencing (NGS) (ROSECAN project). These methods provide precision molecular diagnostic in cancer and offers the possibility for a mutation-targeted treatment, as alternative therapeutic approach; Regenerative medicine - Methods for magnetic isolation and flowcytometric analysis of exosomes secreted by normal and tumor cells. The normal cells-secreted exosomes could be used in treatment of chronic cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, or degenerative neurological disorders. Tumor cells-secreted exosomes could be used in early diagnostic of solid tumors, identification of metastases, or tumor classification (BIOVEA project).

Cosmin Marsavina
Sl.dr.ing @ Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara

More than 10 years of experience in the field of Software Engineering. Teaching the Software Verification and Validation course at UPT, along with several other lab activities such as Object-Oriented Programming, Software Engineering Fundamentals or Algorithm Design and Analysis. Hobbies include travelling, practicing sports and watching movies.

Mădălina RUSAN
Software Engineer @ The Access Group

I am a dedicated Software Engineer, specializing in web development and the creation of cutting-edge digital solutions. My commitment to community engagement is exemplified through active volunteer work. Passionate about hackathons, I thrive in fast-paced, collaborative coding environments, where I continuously push the boundaries of what's possible. One year ago, I had the honor of winning UniHack, Good Health & Well-being track.


React, React Native, JavaScript (ES6), HTML, CSS/SCSS, Redux, Bootstrap, Material-UI, Syncfusion

Cătălin Cândea
Volunteer @ Liga AC

I am a .NET Developer and Software Engineering Master's student. I have 3 years of industry experience and I am one of the former winners of Healthcare track of Unihack 2022. Also I am a laboratory assistant for the second years students teaching Object Oriented Programming.


Backend, APIs, .NET Core, C#, JS, React.JS

Mihai Matraguna
Founder @ TPN Labs

Detailed-oriented and committed software engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Technical proficiencies include AWS, Web Applications, Java, TypeScript and PHP.


Web Apps (React, Kotlin API) | Mobile Apps (Flutter)

Ciprian Amzuloiu
Software Development Engineer @ Amazon

I am Ciprian, a software engineer with a history of working on various development projects. Currently I'm working at Amazon and in my daily work I'm developing cloud solutions to support the Ring Machine Learning research. Can't wait to meet you. :)


AWS, Python, C/C++, Machine Learning

Andrei Dobre

Lead @ GDSC UPT, web developement and cloud enthusiast (.NET Core, Angular, Docker), passionate about Formula 1


Web Development with .NET Core, Angular, PostgreSQL, MongoDB; Programming languages: C#, Python, TypeScript

Robert Gherasim-Piroska
.NET Developer @ GDSC UPT

I'm a security researcher at Bitdefender, focusing on Android apps and cloud infrastructure. I work with JavaScript, Java, and Python, enhancing user safety through cloud maintenance and feature development. Beyond work, I'm passionate about tech exploration and I volunteer as a .NET developer at GDSC UPT.

JavaScript, Java, Python, C/C++ | Web Development (HTML/CSS, basic React) | .NET

Denisa-Alexandra Pop
Angular Developer @ GDSC UPT

I'm an Angular Developer with skills in HTML, CSS and TypeScript. I also have experience in C/C++ and Python. I'm a cat person and in my free time I read books and play board games.


Angular, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, C/C++, Python.

Viorel Soitu
Web Developer @ GDSC

Member of Google Developer Student Club. Specialized in web development, game development and programming.


Angular, Arduino, C, Unity, Unreal, Blender, TypeScript, SCSS, Tailwind, ESLint

Laurențiu Molnar
Senior Software Engineer @ 3Pillar Global

Software engineer working in web development mainly with JavaScript/Typescript, Node.js, React, Next.js, AWS, PostgreSQL


JavaScript, Typescript, React, Next.js, PostgreSQL, AWS (Lambda, dynamo, RDS, S3), Docker

Mihaela Livia Popa
Mentor @ Incluziune pe Bune

Diversity and inclusion

Marius-Florin Crainic
Profesor@Colegiul "Mihai Viteazul" Ineu

Electronics/Informatics teacher at Colegiul “Mihai Viteazul” Ineu, founder of PEAKY Robotics (CMV’s robotics club). Familiar with embedded programming, PCB design, PHP, MySQL, C/C++. My hobbies are: playing soccer, table tennis, chess. I like doing research in different technical field and create scientific and technical content published by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). In my free time I take part in hackathons, robotics contests with my students.

Jitaru Tommi
Psychologist @ Incluziune pe Bune

I am a psychologist and i have my own practice. I used to work in projects regarding STDs, drug use, LGBTQI+ rights, etc. I'm confortable to work with Microsoft Office, Internet (FB, Instagram, email) and I am a quick learner. My hobbies are dogs and photography. I am very passionate about LGBTQI+ rights and animal rights.

Răzvan Stana
Mentor @ IncluziunePeBune ; Territory Manager Transilvania @ Ceva România

My name is Stana Răzvan, I am the father of a little girl and husband and veterinarian. I am 51 years old, I work in a multinational corporation and I am also politically involved, being a local councilor of Timisoara. At my job i work us sale representative, with a large experience in direct sales and communication with people. I love to write and i like facebook and stories on this platform. I have been active in the civic area in voluntary projects related to education and health, especially for children. I hope to come back soon in this kind of projects. I am passionate about sports, especially basketball, I like walks with my family, I am an extremely open, cheerful and tolerant person above all. Oh yes, I love madly...dogs. And cats, because my daughter love them.

Denisia Părăială
Software Developer @ The Access Group

I'm working in this domain for three years. I'm a creative person and even that I am probably oriented more on the visual aesthetics, I'm enjoying both backend and frontend.


React, .NET, SQL

Glad Barsan
Cybersecurity Researcher @ Bitdefender

As a cybersecurity researcher at Bitdefender with an entrepreneurial spirit that led me to found a company specializing in efficient POS systems, I blend expertise and innovation to strengthen digital fortifications and streamline retail operations. My passion lies in security and full-stack development with a penchant for low-level programming and creating high-performance systems. I pride myself on rejecting bloated frameworks and inefficient software, advocating instead for the elegance and robustness of lean code.


Cybersecurity, Full-Stack Development, Low-Level Programming, C/C++, Rust (basic), JavaScript, Python, Flutter (Dart) (basic), PHP, SQL, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, ClickHouse, HTML, CSS

Vlad Vălean
Former Technical Coordinator@Liga AC

Hello my name is Vlad Valean, I was the 2022-2023 Technical coordinator of Liga AC. What can I say about myself is that I know a little bit of everything and that I'm a pretty good problem solver, I mostly worked in web dev using Angular, React, Django and Node.js, but currently I'm learning to use cloud technologies, my hobbies are learning new technologies, forest walks, skateboarding and reading mainly. Can't wait to have the opportunity to help you in this edition of UniHack!

Alexandru Lolea
Software Developer @ Netrom Software

Experienced in web development with React, Angular, and .NET, and passionate about video games. I also enjoy volunteering in my free time.


React Angular .NET

Alex Gaita
Fullstack Developer@Doctari Group

Fullstack Web Developer, started programming with Liga AC doing backend in Python and .NET and a little Angular, now i mainly use React and Kotlin but i also enjoy NodeJs and developing infrastructure from time to time


Web,React,Kotlin,Javascript,Typescript,Spring Boot,NodeJs

Emanuel Posa
Principal Software Engineer @ The Access Group

Experienced Software Engineer with a keen interest in Embedded Systems ranging from automotive applications to IoT devices. Skilled in embedded/desktop applications using C, C# and mobile applications using Swift, Kotlin.


Mobile applications with Swift/Objective-C and Kotlin; Embedded systems with C.

Claudiu Belu
Senior Cloud Engineer@Cloudbase Solutions

Senior Cloud Engineer at Cloudbase Solutions, cloud computing and open source enthusiast, worked on various open source projects. Undefeatable in Mortal Kombat (ok, delete that last part, it's not true).


Cloud computing, containers, virtualization, Linux, networking, Python, Golang, git

Anda Radu
Engineering Team Leader @The Access Group

For the last 9 years I was mostly an Android Developer. My area of interest was always around mobile apps and front-end development. In the last year, we migrated towards React applications and started on as a team leader. I enjoy working with junior developers, being a mentor is one of my favorite parts of the job. In my free time I like to cook and travel.


Frontend, medical applications, Android, React

Stelian Nicola
Teaching Assistant@Polytechnic University Timisoara

I am a teaching assistant at the Politehnica University Timisoara, Faculty of Automation and Computers, Department of Control and Computer Engineering. The main courses I teach are Computer Programming and Programming Languages 1 - teaching the C programming language, Computer Programming and Programming Languages 2 - teaching the Python scripting language, Software Engineering, and Multimodal Interaction - interaction in 2D/3D applications.

Andreea Gavrilescu
Senior Software Engineer@The Access Group

I'm an IT enthusiast with about 8 years of experience. Commencing my journey as a QA engineer, I smoothly transitioned into a development role and currently, I am exploring my passion for coding as a Senior Software Engineer at The Access Group, immersing myself in the intricate but rewarding domain of healthcare tech using a stack comprising .NET Core, Angular and React. Beyond coding, you'll find me volunteering, hiking or maybe exploring my creativity in the domain of graphic design.

.NET Core 6, Angular 14

Darian Velciov
Engineering Team Lead @ The Access Group

Software engineer for the last 8 years on Microsoft products. Currently a team lead for a product in health.


.NET core, Angular, React

Mihai Boian
Engineering Team Lead @ The Access Group

I think of me as a passionate guy for technology. Loved programming since high school so I knew from then this is my path.

I started my journey at Access, about 7 years ago and currently leading a team of young & enthusiastic engineers.

Current hobby: karting, F1

Web development - C#, Angular, AngularJs, JavaScript, Typescript, Azure

Pop Emilian
Team lead @The Access Group

Team Lead for on of the squads from Access Care Planning, a health & care web and mobile app. Former Senior QA within the same project. Focusing on the roadmap that we have. Great experience with Automation Framework (Karate, Selenium). Used them for web automation, API automation.


Karate, Selenium

Cristian-Horia Constantin
R&D Manager - IT Operations @ Oncogen

A senior software engineer is a master of code. They can write elegant and efficient programs that can do anything from creating stunning graphics to analyzing big data. I'm the person who likes to sometimes get down and dirty like that, delving to the bottom of the issue (sometimes in an unorthodox way). I am currently working on my PhD, which involves using jarred brains or neuronal organoids to build a brain to power the future of computing (it's alive, my CPU, that is). Oh, and I like games (sometimes building them is a good way to learn new stuff about life's mechanisms), and a good story-based game will always sooth a creative mind and heart. I also have my own GIG, where I make webpages and develop software solutions, but my main love remains researching the future.


Web Development, Industrial Automation, Software Development, Neural Interface Applications and GameGevelopment as a hobby

Marina Miron
IT Assistant @ OncoGen

I'm a junior software developer, starting my journey in the crazy world called The IT Industry. Looking to make a difference by inspiring others find their way and by learning how to use new technologies to help people (instead of "helping" them lose their jobs). I find it relaxing when I design and make creative stuff (digital and DIY).


Python, HTML, CSS, MySQL

Raul Radulescu
Volunteer Mentor @ Asociatia OncoGen

Volunteer Mentor at OncoGen, have worked as a teaching assistant in the electrical engineering lab of the bioengineering department at Imperial College London and now I am studying Artificial Intelligence at West University of Timisoara.


Good understanding of medicine, C++, Python

Leonard Mada
Biomedical Researcher @ OncoGen

Skills: Area: Biomedicine, Biotechnologies, Life Sciences, Chemistry, Biochemistry Technologies: R: statistics, simulations, modeling; Java, C++ (including Rcpp; basic)

Ciprian Dobra
Sofrware Engineer @ Amazon

I have had the opportunity to work within a broad spectrum of projects that include: Automotive, Embedded, Web, Visual Inertial Odometry Algorithms and I dabbled a bit with some cloud infrastructure.