Ioana Ceausu
Program Manager EA - The Entrepreneurship Academy
I am driven by curiosity and the desire to understand how people and their organizations grow, what impacts their performance and how I can support their journey to become a successful and inspiring one. The instruments I use are backed by scientific research and data analysis, continuous personal development and education and, last but not least, critical thinking, efficient communication and enthusiastic perseverance.
Roxana Niculae
Cloud28+ WW Ops Lead | Business Development @ Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Experienced professional with great understanding of IT Technologies - Big Data, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, Cloud computing, Digitalization, Business strategy. University degree with major in Management and demonstrated abilities in project management, lean management, economics, start-ups.
Iolanda Banu
Technical Consultant @ Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Iolanda Banu is a 25 years old Technical Consultant at HPE Romania since 2016. She graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at the University of Bucharest in 2017. From 2017 to 2019, she attended a master's degree in Software Engineering, and, at the same time, she held laboratories at the mentioned faculty. Always moving and active, she frequently participates in half marathons. She likes hiking and extreme sports (skydiving, parasailing, scuba diving), but her dearest passion is baking and sharing the results with her friends.
Denis Adrian Blidariu
Offline Engagement Coordinator @ Greenpeace Romania
Denis is an enthusiastic activist, born in Bacau, passionate about large-scale social changes. When he is not in the office, he is either on his bike either hiking mountains. Involved in civic, environmental, and social projects, Denis is working now as an offline engagement coordinator for Greenpeace Romania and as a part-time freelance Sign Language Interpreter.
Florin Drăgan
Rector of the University Politehnica Timișoara

Florin has over 20 years of experience in the IT&C field, as an associate professor at the Faculty of Automation and Computers and business manager for a local branch of a multinational company. He also has the administrative point of view on the projects, being vice-rector for the last 4 years and starting from 2020, the rector of University Politehnica Timișoara.

Ovidiu Baniaș
Vice dean of the Faculty of Automation and Computers

Responsible for the digitalization of the educational process, the relationship with the students and with the private sector.

Nino Handler
Co-Founder & Head of Development || Android & Flutter Freelance Developer
I develop apps since 2013 when I started my Android career as working student at ]init[ in Berlin, Germany. After my studies in 2014, I joined forces with Conrad Electronic – a big electronic retailer – to help to build up the Conrad Competence Center Berlin – a startup within the big concern – as Lead Android Developer. 2016, after developing and maintaining one big Android app for nearly two years, I had the great opportunity to find an employer which would give me the opportunity to start new projects more often: adorsys in Nuremberg, Germany, a software service provider with a strong focus on open source and security. Being able to start several new projects, I also got more into architectural topics. As the Technical Lead for Android Development and later the founder of the mobile app tribe I continued leading small teams and learned to love teaching others my knowledge. This passion for helping others is nothing which I developed only at adorsys, I am and was always quite active on Stackoverflow, founded the GDG Nuremberg Android in 2016, which in the meantime became GDG Nuremberg. Besides helping others I also explicitly wanted to grow the Android / Flutter community in Nuremberg. Since 2020, I’m an Android and Flutter freelancer, currently working for Bundesagentur für Arbeit developing apps for millions of users. In March 2020, I co-founded the CONNECT Mobility GmbH, which aims to reduce the emissions on our streets by developing the next generation ridesharing and navigation app uRyde.
Elena Calistru
President @ Funky Citizens
Elena Calistru is the chair and founder of Funky Citizens, a Romanian-based NGO. Funky Citizens builds research-based, data-driven advocacy tools. Funky Citizens’ tools aim to be educational and actionable, encouraging citizens to engage in accountability and government responsibility initiatives in which they can see an impact. Elena has more than 10 years of experience in civil society projects, both at national and international level. Her expertise is mainly in the area of good governance, transparency, public finance and advocacy. She is the founder of the first (and so far the only fully dedicated) fact-checking platform in Romania – The fact-checking platform is managed by Funky Citizens, but is a decentralized structure that maintains strong journalistic independence, while fully making use of the resources of the NGO in terms of expertise.
Abhishek Doshi
Flutter Developer & Organizer, Flutter Valsad
I am the one who loves to create beautiful apps with Flutter and help people, develop great apps and spread knowledge.! I am the Organizer of Flutter Valsad, a local Flutter community in Valsad, Gujarat, India. I am also the Semi-Finalist for Build For Digital India, 2020 organized by Google India. I have participated in 25+ hackathons. I love to solve daily life problems by creating apps for the same. I have created 30+ apps using Flutter (small to big ones). Got featured in Android Live Stream too for one of the app named Productly! In short, I am part-time student and full time Flutter Developer
Anabella Costache
Cultural projects and partnerships manager @ French Institute of Timișoara

After seven years spent studying, volunteering and working in Spain and France, Anabella decided to come back to Romania and support the efforts of the civil society. Passionate about youth work, she has been involved in many projects promoting youth engagement across Europe. Through all her activities in the educational and cultural field, she supports democratic values and innovation towards more equitable and sustainable societies.

Alex Zalutskiy
Senior Business Analyst in support of Google
Senior Business Analyst in support of Google and working on Sustainability for REWS, with more than 10 years of experience in project management and software development.
Luka Zivkovic
Board Member - French Tech Bucharest // Global Product Evangelist - TELUS International, and more
French-Croat, based in Bucharest since 2016, passionate about pretty much all the things willing to make the world a better place. Hybrid-entrepreneur, hybrid-corporate, you decide.
Robert Colca
Software Development Engineer Intern @ Amazon Web Services

1st year MS Student in Software Engineering, Computer Science passionate, looking for any new challenge.

Ali Ragimov
Senior Frontend Developer @ Okko
A web software engineer with 7+ years of experience. Develop backend in Node.js platform and frontend, basically in React ecosystem. Create apps in cross platform solutions, chat bots, browsers extensions, server-side microservices and many others. A big adapt of TypeScript language.
Marian Neagul
Post Doctoral Researcher at the Institute eAustria Timisoara

Marian graduated with a B.A. degree in Computer Science from West University of Timisoara (UVT). He obtained his M.S. from UVT in 2011 and a Ph.D. also from UVT in 2015.

Marian’s general research topics cover machine learning, distributed systems, computer networks and operating systems. Lately he has focused on Machine Learning applied to Earth Observation applications, Earth Observation platforms and Cloud Computing, particularly orchestration, deployment and configuration management.

Marian was awarded an IBM PhD award Fellowship in 2012, IBM BSRE 2011 and received the support of a Google Summer of Code Project in 2007.

Alon Grinshpoon
Founder & CEO @ echoAR
Alon Grinshpoon is the CEO and founder of echoAR (, a cloud platform for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) that provides tools and network infrastructure to help developers & companies quickly build and deploy AR/VR apps and content. Alon received his MSc in computer science from Columbia University specializing in computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality, and human-computer interaction. Alon received his BSc in computer science and electrical engineering from Tel Aviv University specializing in software engineering, computer networks and cyber security. Alon is a former Mellanox engineer, graduate researcher at the Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Laboratory of Columbia University, and research and teaching assistant in the fields of computer networks and distributed cloud networks. Alon is a Techstars alum, NYC Media Lab alum, a Startup Leadership Program (SLP) fellow, and member of the Virtual World Society. Alon is a speaker on emerging technologies and has given talks at major AR/VR tech conferences in the US and Israel.
Anton Yarkov
Senior Software Engineer and Engineering Manager at Access Softek Inc.

A software engineer and team lead with 10+ years of experience using various technologies. Anton started as a software developer and successfully combined growth in engineering and managerial leaderships.
Last several years he played key roles in technical and organizational decisions with C-level company management. Currently, he manages a remote team of about 100 software engineers distributed over the world. As a team, they develop innovative Online banking solutions for web and mobile and impact at least 6 million people who use their innovative and award-winning banking platform daily while using 400+ financial institutions across the USA.
Anton can guide, mentor and lead junior and middle level engineers to help them grow faster, execute right decisions on their path and achieve their career goals.

Argel Bejarano
Mobile Developer
Software developer with more than 10 yoe, Flutter GDE, Sportsman, BBJ practitioner and Father.
Aida Opîrlesc
Product Manager & Full-Stack Developer @ C-Suite Circle

Computer Engineering graduate with a passion for software products development, from the initial idea to the final release. She has working experience in web development, but she also worked on side projects focused on mobile applications or Artificial Intelligence.

Noemi Leon
Software Developer, speaker and organizer at WomenTech Maker Ambassador
Software Developer passionate about front-end development. I have worked as a software developer for 8 years with programming languages: C#, PHP, JavaScript. Frameworks and other technologies such as: .NET, Vue.js and Vuex, Vuetify, Firebase, Laravel, Bootstrap among others. Currently working as Lead Software Developer. I am also instructor at online platforms such as LinkedIn Learning and impart face to face courses.I enjoy learning but also sharing, so I also help communities as speaker or organizer: WomenTech Maker Ambassador, GDG Cancun Co-organizer
Harshit Singh
Software Developer Engineer @ Amazon India
An avid Software Developer Software Developer working to solve real life problems and networking at scale.
William Galindez Arias
Gitlab Technical Marketing Manager
Electronic Engineer, experienced in Social Innovation, Source Code management and Machine Learning (Natural Language processing), fan of story-telling, public speaking and cats
Teodora Selea
Junior Researcher in Computer Science

Teodora Selea received her B.S. from the West University of Timisoara, Romania, in 2015, and is a 2nd year Ph.D. student at the West University of Timisoara, Romania. Starting from 2015 she participated in multiple research projects in the area of distributed systems, machine learning and remote sensing. Her research interest include cloud computing, machine learning, computer vision and remote sensing analysis.

Horia Onița
President of the National Alliance of Students Organisations from Romania

Horia has dedicated his professional development to representing the rights and needs of students and youngsters from Romania. During the past years, as a representative of the civil society, he negotiated with the central authorities for the modernization and digitalization of the educational system in Romania.

Hammouda Elbez
PhD Candidate @ University of Lille, Mobile Developer
Hammouda Elbez received a Master degree in Network and Distributed Systems from University of Laghouat, in 2017. He is currently pursuing a double PhD degree in Computer Science at the University of Mascara in Algeria and the University of Lille in France. His research interests include Ai and DataScience. Hammouda is a full-stack developer with 7 years of experience in different fields, mainly mobile development. He is a co-organiser at Google Developers Group chapter of Ghardaia, a Flutter trainer and member at the CSO (Club Scientifique des Oasis), he was a speaker at different events, like TedX, WikiStage about topics mainly related to tech.
Olivia Vereha
Chief Operations Officer @ Code for Romania
Holding a background in communications and customer and user experience design, since 2016, Olivia Vereha is dedicating her entire time to managing the delivery flow for all Code for Romania projects. She is passionate about how technology can shape and improve our day to day lives and she is always willing to help in any way she can in building great digital tools for our society. Having a strong focus on usability and learning, her work focuses on user research, analysis and functionality.
Armina Sîrbu
Digital Learning Architect

Armina is a digital learning architect and trainer with an over 15 years experience in helping other people develop. At 18 years she became an antrepreneur and worked in multinationals from the Top Fortune 100 in the IT and HR domain. Since 2008 she moved back to Romania and she creates unexpected training solutions for diferent organisations from around the world. Being an incurable optimist, she finds passion in projects that aim to have social impact and a possible snowball effect.

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