UniHack 2020 Projects
* Finalist project
Team: Destruction Team
Tracks: Best Mobile App Best Domain Registered with Domain.com Best Web App

Bloodnation In a lot of countries, including our own, the hospitals are terrible at keeping track of their blood supply. Constantly we see on the social media, families desperately begging for help from the people by looking for blood donors to save their loved ones. There are many cases where hospitals will not provide treatment (surgeries) because of high risk of blood loss, and it is up to the people to do anything they can to find blood by themselves. That is where we got our idea. Bloodnation is the app that will connect the donors to the hospitals for the common goal of preventing unnecessary deaths. Even if you don’t want or can’t use the app, the hospital may include your data into the system so you too can be a part of the BloodNation. The hospitals will also create events for blood donations (blood drives), where the users can gather points for exchanging in various gift cards. The point of the app, is to bring the people together when they are needed the most. For example if there is a need for AB- in a hospital near your address, and you are registered blood donor on our app that matches the profile, you will be the first person that the hospital will contact. This way will be much faster than using social media and asking for help through them, therefore the chances of saving a life are far greater. If you are already a blood donor, but you don’t have the app, the hospital will ask you if you want them to create the account for you. You will be able to access this account at any time, by simply knowing the email and password. It will be composed by the data that the hospitals already have, and will be a special account where your name will show up as a possible blood donor on the hospital’s list, but the algorithm will put your name in a gray field, meaning they can only contact you in worst case scenario – when there is no one that can provide the blood other than you.

Team: !404Found
Tracks: Best Web App Digital Education

Objective: EdTutor aims to improve the quality and the methods of learning activities like dance, yoga, martials arts or any other activity which requires precision in the body posture. The main objective is to create an online personal trainer and a common learning platform to bridge the gap between the learners and the trainers and also overcome the lockdown situations. Implementation: A user friendly Web App which accepts a training video be it a YouTube link or recorded videos as input. This personalized Application maintains daily progress, pose analysis and scores of the user and ranks them accordingly into Beginner, Intermediate and Expert based on how their performance is. Depending on the video, it provides a set of initial instructions to the user which is obtained using web scraping. Every activity is defined by a set of postures obtained from a Pose Net and segmentations. A list of pre-recorded activities is stored in a Database. On starting the exercise, the Website accesses the webcam and shows the motion of the user, superimposed on the original motion. This system provides visual feedback in 2D/3D for better learning. After the exercise is over, a verbal feedback is provided to the user depending on how well they performed the exercise and also based on their rank and age group because the instructions should be different for different age groups because not everyone has the same grasping pace. A time series comparison is done to obtain similarity between the original exercise and the one performed by the user. To consider difficulty level of routines based on individuals a personal LSTM model is developed using federated learning to analyze movement and give quality feedback. This application also contains a feature by which people can collaborate with friends and perform activities together for more enhanced, interactive and fun experience. Technology Stack: The Web App is made using HTML and CSS as the tech for frontend and the entire backend is done in Flask with all the database on Firebase. The AI technology is made using tflite PoseNet, and DeepLab v3 image segmentation models. To support them Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) classification, pose vectorization, web scraping and statistical analysis are used.

Team: VisuLearn
Tracks: Digital Education

Bringing digital education to life through a Tensorflow.js based gesture recognition interface to make lectures far more engaging and dynamic, and increase accessibility for students with disabilities. With a simple gesture control interface, bring custom 3D models, images, or text to your video conferencing software screen for everyone to see. Compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams!

Team: SPARKS ✰
Tracks: Safe Urban Mobility Best Mobile App

We are currently focusing on Safe Urban Mobility Track by developing Hazard detection algorithm

Team: N&M Works
Tracks: Best use of Google Cloud Best Web App

A platform that connects users and recycling centers while encouraging them to recycle by digitally tracking their recycling progress, built using React and Google Places API.

Team: Sparrow
Tracks: Digital Education

Our main motive to create this Web Application is to provide all type of educational material at one place and awareness on some topics. We created this web application very much user friendly so anyone can easily access the portal. By visiting the portal person can able to get all the things if any one want any E-Book or any Course or any Videos regarding that educational topic there our portal is very useful you don't need to go different website or application you will got all the things at one place If any one want project that also you can get from here and we are going to choose the best contain regarding that topic in any one want video for any topic then he will get the best video among all the videos available on YouTube. And the E book on our web application are also sorted by our team and the books which are easy to understand that book will be provided by our page. Courses are also like that we sort out the best course among all the courses and provide that so the user don't have to find more for any contain. And in this project we used technologies like PHP, HTML,Javascript, CSS,Mysql.

Team: TechCats
Tracks: Digital Education

Acest proiect a fost conceput cu scopul de a ajuta cadrele didactice în procesul de învățare-evaluare pedagogică a elevilor din învățământul preșcolar și școlar . Programul oferă o alternativă la învățământul tradițional prin intermediul unui joc interactiv numit „Potrivește Fructele” care dezvoltă capacitățile cognitive ale copiilor . De asemenea, informațiile formale sunt transmise într-un mod informal cu ajutorul reprezentărilor și a unui chestionar care cuprinde o serie de întrebări formulate pe baza elementelor prezentate .

Team: Sapphire Group Romania
Tracks: Best use of Google Cloud Startup Survivor Best Web App

Like most people in the world right now, we are genuinely concerned about COVID-19.One of the biggest problems with this new virus is the fact that it's impossible to know if you are infected without a test, and that “not knowing” is what makes this situation so scary for most of the people. COVID-19 tests are difficult to find because they are simply not enough and cannot be manufactured quickly enough, which is causing panic. Due to this fact, we will have to rely on other diagnostic techniques. In order to solve this problem we thought about using X-Ray images as doctors frequently use X-rays and CT scans to diagnose pneumonia, lung inflammation, abscesses, etc. Since this virus attacks our respiratory tract, we can use X-rays to analyze the health of a patient’s lungs. And given that most of the hospitals have X-Ray imaging machines, it could be possible to use X-rays to diagnose COVID-19 without the dedicated test kits. A disadvantage is that the analysis of X-Ray images requires a radiology expert and takes significant time. Here comes our possible solution namely the development of an automated analysis system based on artificial intelligence that can save medical professionals valuable time. As the number of cases has grown very rapidly lately, the authorities have been taken by surprise, which has led to the overcrowding of hospitals. To prevent this in the future, our platform also provides future cases predictions in each county based on previous data from datelazi.ro We choose to develop this app only for Romania because we couldn't find something similar for our country and we believe that it will really help in the current situation. The system consists of an web application in which the doctor uploads the patient's X-ray and the artificial intelligence algorithm from behind returns a percentage that refers to the patient's condition (infected or healthy). The website also shows realtime statistics about the pandemic in Romania, a future cases forecast and provides useful information for prevention and protection against the virus. For front-end we used HTML, CSS, Javascript, Boostrap, the back-end is made with Python and Flask and for the machine learning models we used Tensorflow and Keras frameworks. Our web platform is hosted on a Google Cloud VM and performs real time inference on the uploaded images and the API for cases predictions in served from another Google Cloud VM which retrains the model every day with the updated data to ensure real time accurate predictions. We think that our solution can make a change in the world and this is why we want to promote it as much as possible by starting a startup.

Gamified 3D Virtual Classroom - 'L3ARN' - https://github.com/hackyguru/3DClassroom
Team: HackOverflow
Tracks: Best use of Google Cloud Best Web App Digital Education Startup Survivor Best Domain Registered with Domain.com Best use of DataStax Astra

A virtual 3D gamified classroom and laboratory empowering digital education.

Team: AstroCode
Tracks: Safe Urban Mobility Best Web App

Creating a smart parking, an app that will be used to help find near parking lot areas that are available with information. This project will likely flask/django just to start off with, we will be using a google map to plot the 5 closest parking lots depending on what the user input location, using a free monodb subscrition from cloud.mongodb to store our data online.

Team: Qmark
Tracks: Best Web App Digital Education

Propup helps education NGOs to raise money for their cause. This is done through creating a game-like leaderboard for donators. Technologies used inclide React for the frontend and Express for the backend.

Team: Hobnobs
Tracks: Safe Urban Mobility Best Web App

We came up with the idea to implement a website that allows the user to create/join small events (5-30 people) based on their hobbies. What we hoped to achieve was a safe and user-friendly environment that focuses on giving the chance to people to meet and enjoy the company of other like-minded users. We worked with python, html, css, and java script in order to create the interface and the algorithms used for the recommendations.

Team: BoilerUp
Tracks: Best use of Google Cloud Best Web App

This is a web application that can help users detect whether a job post is fake or not using Machine learning model via AutoML. Not only it can return the classification of the post, but it also shows an interactive graphs that point out which factors (job description, job title, location, etc.) contribute the most to the prediction result. Moreover, I also add a feature that recommend the user a list of real and relevant job posts based on the location and the job title that the user originally searched when predicting using Github Jobs API

Team: SafeNavigate
Tracks: Best use of DataStax Astra Best Web App Safe Urban Mobility Best use of Google Cloud Startup Survivor

using machine learning to make driving safer and prevent less accidents

Team: KauKa
Tracks: Best Web App Best Domain Registered with Domain.com Best use of Google Cloud

Helps patients to keep in touch with doctor

Team: [base] + [index * scale] + [constant]
Tracks: Startup Survivor Digital Education Best Web App

Mirel is you law student friend which spends all his time in the library reading the law. You can ask him anything about the trade law and he will kindly tell you which of the law articles you are interested in.

Team: CitizenTM
Tracks: Best Web App Safe Urban Mobility Best Mobile App Digital Education

The citizen's application for being an active member of the community. Signalling problems, choosing where should the money be spend and getting in touch with the administration of the city was never easier! We're designing a mobile app for the citizens and a website for the administration.

Team: Bpp
Tracks: Best Web App Digital Education

Our program is for children in primary school that wish to learn and practice their math skills in a fun way. The project is currently in the works and some additions will be made.

Team: Sakura
Tracks: Best use of Google Cloud Best Domain Registered with Domain.com Best Mobile App

A robust mobile application intended for doctors & patients to virtually book appointments, chat, share prescriptions, and other extensive features. It'll allow both sides a more virtual aspect of check ups, specially relevant during the pandemic. We're planning on making use of the following technologies: React Native, Firebase, and Google Cloud.

Team: Runtime Terrors
Tracks: Digital Education Best Domain Registered with Domain.com Best Mobile App Safe Urban Mobility Best Web App

We are building an app that connects to a dash cam and can analyze facial issues and driving pattern and call emergency lines if needed when there is a medical emergency. we are using android studio and java along with python for the developmen

Delivery Web App for Elders - https://github.com/cipriponta/Unihack
Team: kidA
Tracks: Best Web App

Due to the current circumstances and the high probability that a new lockdown will be declared by the government, a good idea to restrict the movement is to help the elders stay at home. This app is targeted for the elderly people and it's focus is to deliver goods for them so that they do not have to leave their home for basic needs.

Team: CodeGroupTM
Tracks: Digital Education Best Domain Registered with Domain.com Best Web App

A platform designed for students and teachers, created to improve the relationships between students and teachers, and to help improving people's knowledge and skills.

Team: The fast and furious
Tracks: Digital Education

A video game that aims to teach it's players the very basics of cryptocurrencies.

Team: The Imposters
Tracks: Best Mobile App Best use of Google Cloud

A personal finance app made with flutter and firebase

Team: The Sound of the Future
Tracks: Digital Education

The First Sounds is a 2D platformer video game in which the player goes on an adventure through time and interact with famous compositors and music bands. The purpose of the project is to introdude a new form of learning a subject such as the history of music, by making it interactive, fun, and most importantly educational. The technologies I will be using are the Unity game engine, using the language C# in Visual Studio ,Audacity for the sound design and sfxr software for the sound effects.

Tracks: Best Domain Registered with Domain.com Best Web App Startup Survivor Digital Education

A sign language translator using neural networks

Team: Robo Sapiens
Tracks: Best Web App

The main goal is to achieve an application that works similar to a lock. An interactive password, if you will.

Study Guide Generator - https://github.com/MLHUnihack2020
Team: The Big Thing Theory
Tracks: Best Web App Best use of Google Cloud Digital Education

An educational web app that generates questions based on text to maximize retainment of information

Team: CodeBreakers
Tracks: Best Mobile App

Its a native java app where in people can post the things which they want give for rent and the other users can access the app to get the things for rent. This app is helping society and it can be used by anybody.

Team: Stop Nearby
Tracks: Safe Urban Mobility Best Web App

We made a web app where you can find the closest empty parking spot. It's simple and easy to use.

Team: Bloody Heroes
Tracks: Best use of DataStax Astra Best Web App Best Domain Registered with Domain.com

An application that connects willing blood donors to needy patients at hospitals. A verified doctor can make a request for blood and donors in a 10 km range will be notified. Donors can also view requests for blood in a 10 km range and volunteer to donate.

Team: Unnamed
Tracks: Digital Education

Desktop application for online tests

Team: Anarhia nedormită
Tracks: Digital Education Best Web App

A web app that intends to focus on quizzes to train any kind of students for different courses form their university/school

Team: Delta Force
Tracks: Best Web App

Coding Showcase is a web application mainly intended for anonymous Romanian developers who want to extend their network by showcasing their personal projects. And not only. Here everyone is free to share their work and opinions towards the other projects. Technologies used: React on the front-end and Node.js with the Express framework, MongoDB serving as DBMS.

Team: Team A
Tracks: Digital Education

We have created a game that helps students recap what they had to learn. The game is a tool for teachers to help students improve, while giving the children a better learning experience though games.

Team: Chandrashekhar
Tracks: Best use of Google Cloud Best Mobile App

When we go to the market we are often confused that if the item is needed or not. Sometimes we buy items that were already there in the home. To solve the exact problem, we created an mobile application, that scans the product you are buying, queries in the database and tells you whether the item is there your home or not. We have used google cloud vision api to detect the object, mongodb for our database, google cloud storage to store images and flutter for cross aplication developement.

Team: NavSafe
Tracks: Best use of Google Cloud Best Mobile App Safe Urban Mobility

Everyone has heard of Google Maps and Apple Maps. These applications have been an essential part of our daily lives, allowing us to travel faster and more efficiently. However, in the modern world, there are many areas that feel dangerous due to their high crime rates, such as Skid Row and Compton (which is the 4th dangerous city in the U.S.). Because of these persistent crime trends, we tend to feel unsafe traveling through neighborhoods that are threatening toward our personal well-being. With a focus on putting pedestrians and commuters at ease, we decided to create NavSafe, a user-friendly mapping platform that focuses on finding the safest travel route between two locations as well as a live crime reporting and notification app, allowing for city-dwellers to avoid spots more prone to dangerous activity and encouraging peace of mind in city travels.

Team: Păunu
Tracks: Best Mobile App Startup Survivor

HealthNow is an app that allows a person to communicate directly with his/her family doctor. The main purpose is to make the connection between doctor and pacient easier and avoid unwanted contact. We are developing the app inside AndroidStudio, using Java and FireBase as our database.

Revolutionary Online Education System : Fast Live Lesson Streams , Design with AI. - github.com/ozguralperen/pugy
Team: Kafein
Tracks: Digital Education

Fast and effective stream transfer for accessibility of people with network problems in online education , with An End-to-End Compression Framework Based on Convolutional Neural Networks.

Team: -blank-
Tracks: Digital Education

eBlank it's an e-learning platform which can be used by schools. It has 5 main tabs for students: Home, Classes, Schedule, To-do and Catalogue. They can see the assignments and lessons that are posted by teachers. We used WinForms on .NET Framework, MySQL, MySQL Workbench, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Miro for project management, Git

Team: CT Boys
Tracks: Digital Education Best use of DataStax Astra Best Mobile App

Cubbies is a Kivy python mobile application utilizing DataStax Astra and Cassandra, aimed at connecting students in the same classes now that they are not in the classroom together

Team: Kizzle
Tracks: Best Domain Registered with Domain.com Best Web App Best Mobile App

With our app, graffiti artists can find legal places to paint.

Team: NoticeUsSenpai
Tracks: Best Domain Registered with Domain.com Best Mobile App Safe Urban Mobility

Revamping MyAnimeList.net with recommendation features.

Team: Wild Cats and Where to Find Them
Tracks: Digital Education Best Web App Best use of Google Cloud

A cross-platform app where anyone can learn new and share their existing skills. Made with Expo (React Native), Next.js, Firebase

Team: Rockers
Tracks: Best Web App

RentSearcher helps you find houses for rent in which ever city you want. This Website is made for the ones who need to stay for some months in the houses.

Team: Chair Fight
Tracks: Best Mobile App Digital Education Best Web App

A "Toolbox" app for students that provides a lot of different productivity enhancing tools

Team: Probros
Tracks: Best Domain Registered with Domain.com Digital Education

The current pandemic has affected millions physically and more than that, mentally. We have seen many people feeling lost and lonely, and felt the need to create a centralized system which caters to find people with similar interests so that they can find friends and spend time more productively and have fun at the same time. The accessibility of discord bots was another leading factor in inspiring us. Domain registered : findyourbuddy.online

Team: Team team
Tracks: Best use of Google Cloud Best Mobile App Startup Survivor

Our app is an Financial expense aider (bills, invoices, etc.). It is built for iOS devices, using Swift language, Storyboard interface and UIKit lifecycle. As back-end service we will use Firebase. Our app will allow user to add expenses or incomes based on different categories, and based on them user will see different graphs, like quarters income, current balance, total expenses, this week expenses, and a lot more. User will can also add the receipt, description and more information about action (expense or income) like date, etc. Our plan is to add more features like notifications, export CSV (incomes and expenses) by start and end date, and a lot more, getting new ideas while implementing. We hope that our app will help a lot of people to manage their money, and to see what they spend on what and to take actions based on that. Many people build their excel table with expenses after every month, or want to see how much money they earned past month overall, or on what type of category they spent the most money. So we hope that our app will do all for you.

Team: WeBareBears
Tracks: Best Web App

Web-based service that provides detailed information about products and department stores.

Team: Eventually
Tracks: Best Mobile App Best use of Google Cloud

Android App that helps you find an event(a concert, a party etc.) created by other users on the map wherever you go with Cloud Firestore.

Team: MedicAid
Tracks: Best Web App Best Domain Registered with Domain.com

Medicaid is the central location for remote healthcare plans and treatment, from booking in person appointments to virtual care and treatment plans. Users can be connected to medical professionals in a matter of minutes. The technologies used were JavaScript, React library for the front end and nodeJS server with the express framework.

Team: Tigers
Tracks: Best Mobile App

This app will remind you to wash your hand. Also it will have other futures that will help you during this period like a calendar to track your health, a counter, a chronometer and a personalizable Ui.

Team: 3+1Ducks
Tracks: Best Web App

Our application automates the communication between tenants, landlords and contractors. We used React on the front-end, Express for the back-end and MongoDB for the database management.

Team: Hackoholic divas
Tracks: Digital Education Best Web App Best use of Google Cloud

A cloud based digital education platform , containing resources , discord bot , ar visualisation , automated email bot and a fun game.

Team: Divine
Tracks: Best Domain Registered with Domain.com Best use of Google Cloud Startup Survivor Best Web App

Bounty Hunter is an Odd Job-Hunting website.All you have to do is post your task, select your location and the Reward you will offer, job can be of any scale as simple as taking your dog on a walk to hiring freelancers. Technologies- React, node.js,firebase,razerpay

Team: Proton Synchrotron
Tracks: Best Mobile App Best Domain Registered with Domain.com Best Web App

We help owners get reunited with their lost dogs, using the power of machine learning to identify the breed automatically.

Team: vhelp
Tracks: Best use of Google Cloud Best Domain Registered with Domain.com Best Web App

Handey enables users to create mutual help networks in their local communities where people in need can send out a local call for help including need for in-home care items, groceries, medicines, wellbeing and mental health advises and are paired with community members who can help. Technologies used include, but not limited to, HTML, Node.js and Google Firebase.

Team: HolyGuns
Tracks: Best Web App

A platform for everybody to use in order to cover from their basic needs when it comes to services to the most complex ones. It shall be a common ground for all sorts of service providers and possible clients. Using this platform one should be able to state his specific needs and find the right handyman for the job based on different criteria. MongoDB, Node.js, ExpressJS, SCSS, HTML

Team: RudeCatz
Tracks: Best Mobile App Best Web App Safe Urban Mobility

Our project represents an app designed to help its users find useful information about the services that they can benefit from in their city or find people who want to benefit from the services they have to offer. The project in itself consists of a GUI Java app that uses information from a MySQL database (this is where all the information about users is stored).

Team: Measure
Tracks: Digital Education Best Web App Best Domain Registered with Domain.com Startup Survivor

A website for constituents and local representatives that enables people to publicly propose issues they’d like addressed, with an upvote/downvote system and amendment proposal system to modify initiative suggestions. Tech: Typescript, Python, JS, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Shell

Team: TeamZero
Tracks: Safe Urban Mobility Best use of Google Cloud Best Mobile App

Proof improves traffic mobility by allowing users to report incidents through a waze-like mobile app. This can also help process insurance claims faster

Team: Bug Bunnies
Tracks: Best Mobile App

SMINP (or Stress Management Is No Problem) is a mobile app designed to help those who deal with a lot of stress by analyzing their schedule and enhancing it to ease their tasks.

Team: TheDevTwins
Tracks: Digital Education Best Web App

This project provide individual teachers and educational organizations with the necessary tools to create easy to digest courses for students and then group the courses as programs in order to deal certificates. The project is build in React, and as backend we use firebase

Tracks: Best Mobile App

Our application is destined to make it easier for people to remember when a product expired. We are going to use Open CV and Tesseract OCR to get input from products, Django and MySql for the back-end and React Native for the front-end

Team: QuadCore
Tracks: Digital Education Best Mobile App

Our app is made to help students learn more efficiently and be able to access interesting articles on different school subjects at any time, anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. We plan on bringing a plethora of exercises and lectures to many subjects, and to expand the community and give it a chance to flourish by allowing it to expand the catalogue of materials. We are using Java in Android Studio to make this project, and Google Firebase Realtime Database to serve as our Database.

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