UniHack 2020 Projects
* Finalist project
Team: weTried!
Tracks: Smart City

We are trying to make visiting new cities easier and fun by creating an app that helps you discover points of interest in the city in unique methods that are fun for everybody

Team: .blank
Tracks: Digital Education


Team: BioTechnics
Tracks: Digital Education

BioTechnics is an AR-based web platform where students from any background can visit and learn various concepts in biology with the help of 3D Models, which can aid in easier and faster understanding.

Timisoara of Yesteryear - https://github.com/notna4/unihack2021
Team: CC
Tracks: Digital Education

"Timisoara of Yesteryear" wants not only to provide information about the past of Timisoara, but to display a true representation of it in its entirety. The technology that underlies this project is Mapbox, which is used for presenting the maps on top of each other in order to give the user depth, but also the Nominatim service from OpenStreetMap for their Reverse Geocoding algorithm.

Team: Rozătorii bulbucași
Tracks: Smart City

Save waste is an application that it's catered towards Timișoara and is teaching the citizens how and where to recycle

Team: eBon
Tracks: Smart City

eBon is the digital solution to the classic paper receipts. With eBon, less paper is consumed and customers can keep track of their expenses more easily.

Team: TrashOverflow
Tracks: Digital Education

Zenx is an e-learning platform, its purpose being built is to let users able to learn the course that they desired without the need to attend physically. Moreover, it facilitates real time teaching where the students can ask questions when they have doubt. Not only that, It also has the purpose of letting the teachers able to know on their students progress by reviewing the exercises that they have done. With it, the teachers are able to adjust their teaching method to suit the students' needs.

fdsa - fads
Team: gfdsgfds
Tracks: Digital Education


Team: Smart Recyclers
Tracks: Smart City

Our project wants to make people recycle more but to recycle smart. All around the city will be Smart Garbage Cans and you can see them in real-time on a real map. You can go to them select the can, scan the QR code on the garbage can and then put it inside. After that, you will gain points, so more garbage collected more points. If you have sufficient points you can exchange them for things like bus tickets, natural food coupons, and many more.

Team: Republic of Kekistan
Tracks: Digital Education

This is an Augmented Reality app for self learning which can be used as a tool to enhance the classic learning experience that we are used to though books/images/videos. This is an IOS app that is based on ARKit framework. CoreML, CreateML and Vision are used for gesture recognition and Sound Analysis framework for sound recognition. All the gestures and detected sounds are used as a means to control the application flow and virtual objects in the scene.

Major League Hacking 2022 Hackathon Season